National Healthy Skin Month

National Healthy Skin Month

7th November 2015

November is Nation Skin Month. We havbe two doctors that specialise in Dermatology, Dr Nuala O Connor and Dr Nicola Murphy. If you have any concerns regarding your skin call us to maek an appointment 021- 4893255

In order to keep your skin healthy and looking young there are some tips. Be proactive. The most crucial advice is to be protected from the sun. The sun damages skin with UV rays, causing many different skin problems such as wrinkles, dry, rough skin, liver spots, and cancers. There are three methods to avoid most exposure to the sun, wear protective clothing such as a long sleeve shirt, hat and pants. Wear sunscreen no matter what use an SPF higher than 15; apply 20 minutes before going outside and then reapply every two Hours.

Smoking also increases aging of the skin, smoking decreases blood flow depleting the skin of oxygen and nutrients. With decreased blood flow this damages the elastic fibers and collagen in the skin. Repeated pursing of lips and squinting to keep smoke out can also cause wrinkles. Being exposed to extreme heat on your face for a long period of time could also cause damage to the skin.

Take care of your skin by washing it and making sure to follow these tips. Use warm water when washing and cleansing your face. Do not take a shower or bath for longer than fifteen minutes, this washes the oils off of your face. Strong soaps also remove the oil from your skin, use mild soaps. Avoid using perfumes and dyes these could damage your skin by causing an allergic reaction. Remove eye makeup gently making sure not to damage your skin around the eyes

Moisturizing your skin is very important to keep the skins natural moisture. They work by providing a seal, keep water from escaping, or by slowly releasing water into the skin. If your skin is feeling oily then on that day do not moisturize. Shaving is also a common way skin gets damaged. Shaving causes irritation, razor burn, and cuts. In order to reduce shaving difficulties to increase the health of your skin do the following. Press a warm wash cloth on your skin before shaving, do not shave dry skin, put lotion or shaving cream on skin, use a clean razor, and shave in the direction of the hair.

Hydrate always drink water to keep you healthy on the insde and out.

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