What is Elmwood's payment policy?

It is practice policy for all accounts to be settled at the time of consultation before leaving the surgery. We do not operate a ‘payment on account’ system. To facilitate patients we have a Visa/Laser machine and also accept payment by cash and cheque.

Receipts are automatically issued at the time of payment for each visit - PLEASE RETAIN YOUR RECEIPTS - you will need these when claiming back under the MED 1 or any private insurance you may have.


What is Elmwood's policy on medical cards?

There are 2 types of medical card in operation under the GMS Scheme
1. Full Medical Card
2. Doctor Visit Card or DV Card

Not all services are covered under the schemes - common services not covered include:
- Driving Licence Medical and Driving Licence Eye Test
- Smear Tests
- Travel Vaccines

Other services NOT covered include: Medical examinations or reports for legal purposes; Examinations relating to insurance policies; Pre-Employment examinations; School entry examinations; Examinations in connection with fitness to take part in sports; Some vaccinations; Some family planning services; Pregnancy tests.

Please enquire at reception for further details.


Do you have any Helpful Hints to help me reduce my medical bills?

There is a new Doctor Visit Card which has much higher income thresholds than the full medical card. Many families who are entitled to this card have not applied for it. Check with your Community Welfare Officer to see if you qualify.

The Drug Refund Scheme is for all private patients so that their family bill for medicines is not greater than €90 per month – details are available from your pharmacy.

All pregnant women are entitled to doctor visits in relation to their pregnancy Free of Charge

We will apply for this service for you when you register your pregnancy with us.

If you pay medical expenses that are not covered by the State or Private Health Insurance, you may claim tax relief on some of those expenses with the Med 1 Form available to download from our Useful Forms or from your local tax office.

If you are having difficulty managing medical/drug bills, please ask your doctor for help as there are some avenues for appeal within the H.S.E. You may be entitled to extra services under the Hardship Scheme.